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Who is ONRAX?
ONRAX industrial strength overhead garage storage racks, a product of Innovative Material Handling, Inc., feature a unique patented design consisting of a steel frame and patented Enduro-Deckô decking to store large bulky items up and out of the way, freeing up valuable floor space. The company provides homeowners a heavy-duty yet affordable alternative to monthly off-site storage fees.

ONRAX continues to support its rapidly growing network of professional garage storage distributors and installers.


What is the ONRAX overhead storage unit?
The ONRAX industrial strength overhead garage storage rack enables homeowners to store bulky specific use items on-site and up and out of the way, freeing up valuable floor space. Items such as holiday boxes, camping gear, pool equipment and golf clubs can all be stored in the ONRAX units.


What are the benefits of its patented design?
The ONRAX brand is distinguished by its unique design that features a steel box frame and patented Enduro-Deckô decking. The units are capable of holding up to 800 pounds each. The units also offer a clear span opening to provide open access to the shelf.


What are my options for choosing a storage rack?
Racks are available in 9 different sizes and two different height adjustments, which allow for easy configuration to meet individual needs of customers. The units can provide a superior height range of up to 45 inches from the ceiling.


Why is the 4x8 option popular with ONRAX customers?
ONRAX customers recognize and appreciate the 8 feet of unobstructed front access space of our most popular unit. It allows them to easily load and unload bulky, hard to store items. Priced at under $300, it also provides the best value of all the ONRAX units. All ONRAX eight foot long garage storage racks have an 800lb capacity.

How are the units installed?
The ONRAX units include a straightforward set of installation instructions and require minimal additional equipment or resources. The instructions are targeted toward homeowners who are familiar with generally accepted construction practices for installing shelves, cabinets and storage racks. See our online installation instructions.


Will I need additional tools?


What If I want to hire someone to do the installation?
The exclusive ONRAX distributor/installer in your area is trained specifically to handle the installation at your convenience (Requires reasonable additional fee).

Does the product come with a warranty?
ONRAX garage storage products come with a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty!


What is the cost?
ONRAX garage storage racks are available starting at $149 USD at our online store! You can also reach a dealer in selected major markets by calling 1-866-637-8828.

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